Wanted: communications help for EHRs

October 30, 2014 in Medical Technology

October 30, 2014 AT 1:56 PM

As we noted recently, EHRs have been weathering a bit of criticism lately, though not always fairly. But as some stakeholders see it, part of the problem may be that EHRs “are becoming the central hub for all clinical, administrative and quality aspects of healthcare,” a role for which they may not originally have been intended.

In their eyes, “EHR’s are just databases capable of storing any type of data and at any level of complexity. The storage of data is not the utility of an EHR; the utility comes from use of the data where meaning is applied to the data collected.” 

The solution, they say, “is not another data storage application, but instead a dynamic, real-time communication platform that sits on top of the implemented databases. We need to proactively use the data when it becomes available. A system using push technology coupled to a subscription model for patient care where all members of the team are subscribed to a patient (so) that they have some impact into the care being delivered.”

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