Intermountain, Healthbox join forces

November 10, 2014 in Medical Technology

In a bid to spur both “internal creativity and external disruption,” Intermountain Healthcare is teaming up with Healthbox for a venture initiative meant to drive collaboration among inventors, entrepreneurs and others in the healthcare industry to improve quality and lower costs.

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“Over my tenure, I have been increasingly impressed with the innovative ideas coming from Intermountain Healthcare’s physicians and employees that hold the potential to lead us into the next era of healthcare delivery,” says Bert Zimmerli, Intermountain Healthcare’s chief financial officer, in a press statement announcing the Innovation at Intermountain initiative.

Intermountain, with its 22 hospitals and 185 physician clinics, has long been looked up to as a model for its efforts focused on affordability and quality outcomes.

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Healthbox, a business accelerator focused on health IT, will partner with Intermountain to further foster relationships with the entrepreneurial community both inside and outside of the healthcare system, officials say, helping Intermountain test new ideas inside the organization and become an early adopter of innovative outside technologies.

“We have a responsibility to always improve the healthcare available to the communities we serve,” said Zimmerli. “Collaborating with Healthbox provides us not only with the foundation to expand the impact of their solutions but the means to form relationships with entrepreneurs and their technologies that will improve quality and reduce the cost of care for our patients.”

Through its partnership with the heath system, Healthbox will lead three initiatives, officials say:

  • The Intermountain Foundry provides a structured framework for help high-potential employee ideas and near-market concepts become commercial businesses.
  • Strategic Investments will source companies from the broader healthcare ecosystem and develop partnerships that include investment and potential customer relationships.
  • The Healthbox Salt Lake City Accelerator, which launched in September in partnership with Health Equity, Zion’s Bank and BD, brings the Healthbox infrastructure to Salt Lake City, connecting the resources and expertise throughout the region to support outside entrepreneurs with progressive products at various stages of their development.

As a “pipeline of innovation for the industry,” Healthbox hopes its partnership with Intermountain will lead to “real results through true systemic implementation,” said Healthbox CEO Nina Nashif, in a press statement.

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