13% of Consumers Plan To Buy Health, Fitness Wearables in Next Year

November 25, 2014 in News

About 13% of consumers plan to buy a health-related or fitness wearable device in the next year, according to a survey by the Acquity Group, MobiHealthNews reports.

The survey polled 2,000 individuals about their interest in wearables, defined by the Acquity Group as technologies and devices that connect to the Internet via embedded sensors and computing power.

Survey Findings

The survey found that:

  • 30% of consumers do not see the value of wearables;
  • 26% are concerned about the price of such technology; and
  • 19% are concerned about the privacy of data on such devices.

Fitness wearables are projected to see the most growth among all wearables in the short term, according to the survey. Specifically, 30% of consumers expect to purchase a fitness wearable device within the next five years.

Meanwhile, the survey found that smart clothing and heads-up display wearables, or devices with transparent displays that do not require users to look away from their normal viewpoints, are likely to experience the least amount of growth in the short term. Specifically:

  • 16% of consumers plan to purchase a headset wearable device in the next five years;
  • 14% plan to purchase smart clothing in the next five years; and
  • 3% plan to purchase smart clothing or heads-up display wearables in the next year (Pai, MobiHealthNews, 11/13).
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