For radiology, MU not ‘right direction’

November 25, 2014 in Medical Technology

Sure, at the end of the day, his department could have done it, but with the effort, time and financial resources needed, the payoff didn’t make the process worthwhile, he said.

“It became an exercise in, ‘What is more cost effective? Is it more cost effective for us to spend the resources that it would take to become meaningful users. … or do we continue our efforts on some of our other initiatives which generate revenue?’” he said.

Hentel and his department chose to allocate their resources to other things. 

That was their path for Stage 1, at least. Stage 2, he said, will most likely be a different story. 


“I think (meaningful use) is becoming more pertinent to radiologists,” said Hentel. “I think we do have to participate in these programs.

“Hopefully, as we go along, they’ll become more meaningful,” he said.

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