Giving #HITthanks: Share your health IT gratitude!

November 25, 2014 in Medical Technology

A year without negative or challenging headlines would be an unreal one. Life always has challenges, just as health IT does. Here are just a few sample headlines of the challenges with electronic health records, interoperability, and patient engagement:

Just Google “EHR” or “health IT” or a related term and add “challenge 2014″ to it and you will find many articles highlighting the challenges being taken on and worked through. Now do the same search with “success 2014″ at the end and you will find very few relevant articles.

We need to pause and change this. Join HIMSS and the healthcare community in expressing our thankfulness.

During this season of gratitude and giving, let’s share our gratitude by giving thanks for what health IT and healthcare professionals are doing every day to make our health system better. Join our annual campaign:

  • Tweet what you give thanks for in health IT, digital health, patient engagement, wearable tech, etc. Include the hashtag #HITthanks
  • Share a #HITthanks tweet you agree with and support
  • Write a blog post on what you are thankful for in health IT and share it to the #HITthanks community
  • Post the #HITthanks graphic on Facebook with a note of gratitude for what is working in health IT
  • Take a picture of your health IT team and post it on your favorite social channel with a note of gratitude

Let’s come together and celebrate the hard work done by the many (many) dedicated health IT and healthcare professionals, sharing our thanks and gratitude.

Are you in? What are you giving #HITthanks for in 2014?

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