New Consortium Aims To Help Small Providers Transition to ICD-10

November 25, 2014 in News

A consortium of health care payers has formed to help small specialty provider groups transition to the new ICD-10 code sets, the ICD10Monitor reports (Spivey, ICD10Monitor, 11/21).


U.S. health care organizations are working to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 code sets to accommodate codes for new diseases and procedures.

The switch means that health care providers and insurers will have to change out about 14,000 codes for about 69,000 codes (iHealthBeat, 11/24).

Consortium Details

Members of the new consortium include:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; and
  • Humana (ICD10Monitor, 11/21).

Sid Hebert, director of Humana’s ICD-10 implementation team, said the consortium was formed in response to testimony that payers might be unable to test with a large number of providers. He said, “This approach allows for interested providers to evaluate their coding proficiency with real-world examples, keyed to specialties, through a dynamic interchange with cooperating payers” (Hall, FierceHealthIT, 11/24).

The consortium plans to create a pilot in Michigan, from which it will create a list of lessons learned based on feedback before rolling out its program to more organizations.

When the information is finalized, the consortium will share its best practices with specialty providers. In addition, the consortium plans to:

  • Publish press releases and marketing materials for the information; and
  • Make the transition framework available to providers in other states (ICD10Monitor, 11/21).
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