Health Care CIOs Outline Strategies for Improving Cybersecurity

December 1, 2014 in News

In a report based on a summit held earlier this year, health care chief information officers outline three key strategy areas for improving cybersecurity, Health IT Security reports (Snell, Health IT Security, 11/24).

Background on Summit

In the fall, the Scottsdale Institute hosted its second annual CIO Summit, which focused on “information requirements for the competitive marketplace.” The CIOs of eight health care organizations attended the summit.

During the event, participants discussed tactics for adapting to new informatics requirements in the health care sector (Scottsdale Institute report, November 2014).

Details of Report

The report is based on discussions that took place during the summit.

To mitigate cybersecurity threats, the report recommends that CIOs focus on:

  • Implementing end-to-end security standards;
  • Training end users; and
  • Monitoring and quickly responding to breaches.

According to Health IT Security, CIOs at the summit said that working with vendors to develop security standards would create a more secure network for patient data.

They noted that health care organizations also must monitor their employees’ compliance with updated standards.

Meanwhile, the report notes that CIOs are beginning to implement cloud-based data storage systems that are accessible and safe. The use of cloud storage also helps address the threat of data breaches that occur from lost or stolen physical devices, according to Health IT Security (Health IT Security, 11/24).

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