Slideshow: 10 health IT dangers for 2015

December 8, 2014 in Medical Technology

For all the benefits health information technology can have for the quality of patient care, IT systems and medical devices, when improperly or sub-optimally used, can pose serious hazards for patient safety. ECRI Institute has put together a list of technology risks to look out for in the year ahead.

Whether it’s improperly configured tools, missing data, lax security protections or poor human-device interaction, it’s critical to stay vigilant against the digitally-induced dangers that can arise.

“Our annual Top 10 list is designed to identify the potential sources of danger that we believe warrant the greatest attention for the coming year,” write ECRI officials. “It is intended to be a tool that healthcare facilities can use to prioritize their patient safety efforts. The list is not comprehensive, nor will all of the hazards on the list apply to all healthcare facilities. Rather, it is designed to be a starting point for patient safety discussions and for setting health technology safety priorities.”

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