Healthcare data: a virtual tsunami

December 20, 2014 in Medical Technology

December 18, 2014 AT 12:35 PM

Get ready, ’cause it’s coming! Heck, it’s already here – the healthcare data tsunami, that is – and CIOs are just one key group trying to figure out how to swim without going under. 

A recent report from research firm IDC  “pegs the volume of healthcare data at 153 exabytes in 2013. At projected growth rates, that figure will swell to 2,314 exabytes by 2020. To paint a picture, the authors of the report suggest storing all of that data on a stack of tablet computers. By the 2013 tally, that stack would reach nearly 5,500 miles high. Seven years later, that tower would grow to more than 82,000 miles high, bringing you more than a third of the way to the moon.”

One IDC executive says the key to staying afloat is to “Identify who owns the data and build consensus on data definitions . . . Understanding what the data means is key to making data governance and interoperability work, and is essential for analytics, big data initiatives and quality reporting initiatives, among other things.”

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