Report: CIOs Satisfied With Careers, Seek Additional Responsibility

January 8, 2015 in News

Health care CIOs are increasingly satisfied with their career paths and are seeking additional responsibility to advance the strategic mission of their health systems, according to a survey by SSi-SEARCH, FierceHealthIT reports.

The annual survey included 169 CIOs and the findings were published in a series of articles for Healthcare IT News (Dvorak, FierceHealthIT, 1/6).


Overall, the survey found that CIOs are most satisfied with the trajectory of their career paths, followed by compensation and strategic involvement.

Respondents said they were most dissatisfied with the resources available to them, with 48% of CIOs noting that there need to be changes within the next year (Dixon, Healthcare IT News, 1/6).

The findings also suggest that CIOs want to be recognized for certain aspects of their work (FierceHealthIT, 1/6). Specifically:

  • 45% of respondents said they wanted to be recognized for improving patient safety;
  • 44% said they wanted to be recognized for innovation; and
  • 37% said they wanted to be recognized for “bringing departments together.”

According to the survey, 69% of CIOs said that their accomplishments have been “critically important” to the strategic mission of their organization, while 29% said they have been “very important.” However, the survey found that 23% of respondents said they had not been recognized for their contributions (Healthcare IT News, 1/6).

CIOs also said they want to be further involved in other areas of their health systems. Specifically:

  • 39% said they wanted more influence in population health;
  • 29% said they wanted a bigger role in analytics; and
  • 15% said they wanted to be more involved in consumer projects (FierceHealthIT, 1/6).
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