Elderly Patients Generally Prefer, Expect E-Prescribing, Study Finds

January 9, 2015 in News

Elderly patients generally expect and prefer their providers to use electronic prescribing technologies, according to a recent study published in Perspectives in Health Information Management, EHR Intelligence reports (Bresnick, EHR Intelligence, 1/8).

Study Details

For the study, researchers surveyed 75 patients who were at least 50 years old and lived within one hour of Pittsburgh. Participants were asked about their:

  • Demographics;
  • Medication-taking behavior; and
  • Experiences with e-prescribing (Schleiden et al., Perspectives in Health Information Management, Winter 2015).

Study Findings

According to the study, more than 50% of participants were familiar with the concept of e-prescribing, while 75% of the patients who had seen at least one physician in the past year visited a doctor who used the technology.

However, preference for the technology was high, regardless of whether the patients received medications via e-prescribing, according to EHR Intelligence.

Specifically, 81% of respondents said they preferred e-prescribing to paper prescriptions (EHR Intelligence, 1/8).

Meanwhile, the study found that of the 57 patients whose physicians e-prescribed medications:

  • 93% said they were satisfied with physicians that used e-prescribing;
  • 84% said they were satisfied with pharmacists that used e-prescribing (Perspectives in Health Information Management, Winter 2015);
  • More than 68% said that e-prescribing improved their quality of care; and
  • More than 66% said it did not increase medication adherence (EHR Intelligence, 1/8).
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