Alarm Fatigue, Telehealth Top ECRI’s Hospital C-Suite List for 2015

January 17, 2015 in News

Alarm fatigue-reducing technologies and telehealth are among the top 10 technology tools hospital executives should watch in 2015, according to ECRI Institute’s latest Hospital C-Suite Watch List, FierceHealthIT reports (Hall, FierceHealthIT, 1/14).

List Details

Among other health technologies, ECRI suggests that hospital executives watch:

  • Telehealth, which has grown in recent years with an increasing number of providers using programs for stroke care, remote patient monitoring and other services;
  • Google Glass, which is a wearable device that research suggests can aid physicians during operations, facilitate remote consultations and provide immediate access to patients’ electronic health records; and
  • “Middleware,” which is software designed to help reduce alarm fatigue by reducing the amount and simplifying the types of alarms physicians receive on their smartphones (Bresnick, EHR Intelligence, 1/14).

On Thursday, Google officials announced that they would halt sales of Google Glass eyewear to focus on “future versions of Glass.” Google said it will continue to support companies that are using Google Glass (BBC News, 1/15).

Diane Robertson, director of the institute’s health technology assessment, in a statement said the company’s “annual Watch List helps hospital leaders make technology and infrastructure decisions based on clinical evidence and cost” (Pedulli, Clinical Innovation Technology, 1/14).

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