MGMA Urges CMS To Simplify Quality Reporting Systems

February 4, 2015 in News

Last week, the Medical Group Management Association in a letter to CMS expressed concern that providers must use several quality reporting systems to participate in the agency’s various health reform programs, EHR Intelligence reports.

Background on CMS Quality Reporting Systems

The CMS Enterprise Portal and the Identity Access Management System are two of CMS’ quality reporting systems.

According to EHR Intelligence, the CMS Enterprise Portal is used for:

  • The Medicare Shared Savings Program;
  • The Open Payments Program;
  • Physician Quality Reporting System group reporting; and
  • Quality Resource Use Reports.

Meanwhile, the Identity Access Management System is used for:

  • The Medicare Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System;
  • The National Plan and Provider Enumeration System; and
  • Registering and attesting to Medicare’s meaningful use program.

Under the 2009 federal economic stimulus package, health care providers that demonstrate meaningful use of certified electronic health record systems can qualify for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments.

Letter Details

In the letter, MGMA Senior Vice President Anders Gilberg wrote, “It makes no practical sense to have multiple systems which create unnecessary work by requiring duplicative registration with separate usernames and passwords for physicians and practices to access reports or report information pertaining to Medicare Part B programs.”

Gilberg wrote that administrative challenges could be eliminated by using one system. In particular, he asked CMS to use a single portal for doctors and practices to report and access data for the Medicare Part B programs.

In addition, Gilberg asked CMS to simplify the process for surrogate users to access and update data on providers’ behalf. Gilberg wrote, “It is considerably more efficient to have one person garner expertise navigating a complex CMS system by working with it regularly than to have each physician in a practice spend time learning how to register for a program, make necessary updates or access a report.”

Further, Gilberg recommended CMS re-examine Medicare reassignment, which is the process by which organizations submit claims and receive payment on physicians’ behalf. Specifically, Gilberg wrote that CMS should:

Use a surrogate program that focuses on the relationship between physicians and the selected organization; and

Amend the Medicare reassignment form to allow physicians “to formally delegate administrative tasks to the organization to which the physician reassigns his or her Medicare billing rights” (Murphy, EHR Intelligence, 2/3).

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