AMA joins up with health IT incubator

February 5, 2015 in Medical Technology

The American Medical Association has partnered with MATTER, a health technology incubator, setting up a “physical and virtual infrastructure” where physicians and entrepreneurs can innovate new models of care.

Through the new partnership, they’ll establish what’s called the AMA Interaction Studio – meant to offer physicians the chance to work with technology entrepreneurs as they develop services and products in a simulated health care environment.

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Part of AMA’s rationale is the opportunity to offer doctors the chance to give their input early in the technology development process — one from which they’ve often been left out. Consider, for instance, the frustration so many feel with regard to electronic health records — as illustrated by a 2013 survey by AMA and RAND Corporation, which found that EHRs leave many docs “stressed and unhappy.”

“New technologies by themselves are not meaningful in health care without the engagement of physicians and health care professionals,” said MATTER CEO Steven Collens, in a press statement. “MATTER’s partnership with the AMA creates an environment that will allow entrepreneurs to work together with physicians and the broader health care community to test and advance new technology to improve the way the health care system works.”

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“Innovation is a key driver in making the health system work better for everyone, and together we can educate and inspire entrepreneurs to deliver technologies that will transform health care,” said AMA CEO and Executive Vice President James L. Madara, MD, in a statement. “The AMA’s partnership with MATTER will create an environment where entrepreneurs can directly collaborate with and gain insights from physicians and the health care community to improve and advance technologies, products and services that will improve the health of the nation.

The AMA Interaction Studio, located at MATTER in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, is envisioned to include advanced video and audio technologies that will allow users to better understand workflows and how new products and services will fit into the care delivery environment of the future, officials say.

The AMA/MATTER partnership will also include a variety of educational workshops, interactive simulations and collaboration events focused on optimizing health care – specifically clinician-patient interactions.

“Our goal is to help entrepreneurs identify and understand key challenges in patient care and foster the seeds of innovation that will deliver meaningful solutions for physicians,” said Madara.

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