HITN@HIMSS15 starts daily conference coverage

February 11, 2015 in Medical Technology

The speed at which healthcare IT moves isn’t slowing any time soon. And the HIMSS15 conference in Chicago this April is keeping up the pace; it’s on track to be the biggest ever.

At Healthcare IT News we see the annual ramp-up to the conference starting earlier each year, with more products introduced, more speakers booked and more conversations on social media. If there was any doubt that the annual HIMSS conference represents the center of the healthcare IT universe, those doubts should be well retired by now.

That’s all by way of explanation for the introduction of HITN@HIMSS15, a new section we’re adding to Healthcare IT News. In the past, our coverage of show was published in various sections of the website, and pulled together only by our Destination HIMSS email newsletter.

The feedback from readers was that it was hard to find all of the HIMSS annual conference coverage on our site. That won’t be true any longer. We’ll be publishing all of our HIMSS previews and onsite coverage in this new section. And it won’t go away. It is a permanent addition to Healthcare IT News. We’ll have post-HIMSS conference reports. And next year, when HIMSS16 coverage starts, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

At the site, you’ll find reports about new product introductions, previews of educational sessions and a look at the people who are passionately engaged in HIMSS. Just check #HIMSS15 Trending box on the home page of the site and you’ll see the most recent social media conversations on the event. As I write this, HIMSS15 is still 60 days away, but that hashtag has been very active for weeks.

The Healthcare IT News staff already has a full lineup of planned coverage, so we hope you’ll sign up for the Destination HIMSS email newsletter (you’ll see a signup box on the HITN@HIMSS15 home page).

And if you think we’re missing something, please email us at newproducts@himssmedia.com. Let us know how we’re doing.

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