The downside of health IT

February 13, 2015 in Medical Technology

February 12, 2015 AT 3:51 PM

Health IT, to put it mildly, is generally considered a good thing.  But there are dangers, too.

“According to the non-profit ECRI Institute, health technology hazards can come in many forms.  ‘They can be the result of IT-related problems such as improperly configured systems, incomplete data, or inappropriate malware protection (or) they can be caused by inappropriate human-device interaction . . .”

Among the dangers the Institute says patients should be wary of are troubles with “Incorrect or Missing Data in EHRs and Other Health IT Systems – even the most up-to-date technology for centralizing  . . . data is subject to errors by the person entering the information, delays in transmission, or problems as mundane as two computers or pieces of equipment with conflicting date or time readings – and cybersecurity issues in the form of “Insufficient Protections for Medical Devices and Systems:  Electronic medical equipment is increasingly interconnected and networked.  That means it is vulnerable to malicious hacks, malware, or invasions of privacy.”

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