Providers To Seek Out Private HIEs Over Public Ones, Report Predicts

February 18, 2015 in News

While health information exchange adoption still is lacking among providers, stakeholders are more likely to begin seeking out private HIEs over public ones to better ensure interoperability, according to a new Black Book report, EHR Intelligence reports.

For the report, Black Book surveyed more than 4,000 HIE clients, users and potential customers between the last three quarters of 2014. In addition, the report included responses to a separate survey of 1,290 payers, insurers and other related organizations.

Findings, Predictions

According to the report, HIE adoption was low among private physician groups and non-system hospitals by the last quarter of 2014. Specifically:

  • 70% of non-system hospitals were “meaningfully unconnected” by that time; and
  • 90% of private physician groups were “meaningfully unconnected.”

However, the report predicted that a shift to value-based models will drive the transition toward the use of private HIEs.

For example, 98% of respondents working as accountable care organizations said they believed private, community-based HIEs would help achieve their goals. Meanwhile, 60% of multi-provider networks and hospital systems said they are considering private HIEs.

The report also projected that private HIE adoption will increase as a means of meeting meaningful use requirements.

Under the 2009 economic stimulus package, providers who demonstrate meaningful use of certified electronic health records can qualify for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments.

According to the report, “The HIE market will dramatically change during the next two years as providers seek electronic health record systems that support data exchange to qualify for meaningful use incentives.”

Further, the report predicted that health care payers in the next year will help determine the use of private HIEs. “Commercial payers are investing in private connectivity solutions and snubbing the bureaucracies, fees and complex architecture of government sponsored health information exchanges compounding the sustainability problems of public HIEs,” according to the report (Murphy, EHR Intelligence, 2/17).

Report Ranks HIE Vendors Based on Interoperability

The Black Book report also polled 224 users of public and private HIEs to determine which vendors offer strong interoperability.

The report judged the vendors within several categories and ranked:

  • Cerner as the best EHR/health IT-based HIE;
  • Orion Health as the best government payer and commercial insurer-centric HIE;
  • Aetna Medicity as the best core private enterprise HIE solution; and
  • Intersystems as the best core public HIE system (Sullivan, Healthcare IT News, 2/17).
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