Epic Tops Physician Practice EHR Market, Survey Finds

February 19, 2015 in News

Epic Systems controls the largest share of the physician electronic health record adoption market, according to a new survey from SKA, EHR Intelligence reports (Bresnick, EHR Intelligence, 2/17).

Survey Details

The survey assessed EHR adoption rates of more than 500 vendors. Adoption rates among physicians were divided into several subcategories, including:

  • The number of physicians and exam rooms onsite;
  • Practice specialty;
  • Site ownership; and
  • State (SKA survey, February 2015).

Findings on EHR Vendor Market Share

The survey found that Epic holds 11.6% of the outpatient EHR market, up by more than 1% from last year (EHR Intelligence, 2/17).

Vendors with the next largest EHR market shares include:

  • eClinicalWorks, with 10.2%;
  • Allscripts, with 8.7%;
  • Practice Fusion, with 6.7%; and
  • NextGen Healthcare, with 5.5% (SKA survey, February 2015).

The survey found that eight vendors control 53% of the physician EHR market, compared with last year when 10 vendors shared the same percentage of the market. Meanwhile, the top 20 vendors made up slightly less than 75% of the EHR adoption market.

According to the survey, 27% of providers are using nearly 500 different EHR products. Further, it found that small practices were much more likely than large groups to use a less-known EHR vendor, with nearly 30% of practices with one to three physicians selecting such a vendor (EHR Intelligence, 2/17).

Findings on Physician EHR Adoption

The study also showed that EHR adoption rates were highest among physician groups:

  • With 11 to 25 doctors on site, at 79.5%;
  • With 11 or more exam rooms, at 78.8%;
  • Specializing in internal medicine/pediatrics, at 76.3%; and
  • That were hospital owned, at 70.9%.

In addition, the survey found that the top five states for physician office EHR use are:

  • Wyoming, at 74%;
  • South Dakota, at 72%;
  • Utah, at 71%;
  • Iowa, at 70%; and
  • Arkansas, at 69%.

Meanwhile, the states with the lowest physician office EHR adoption rates are:

  • New York, at 57%;
  • New Jersey, at 57%;
  • Louisiana, at 56%;
  • District of Columbia, at 55%; and
  • Rhode Island, at 54% (SKA survey, February 2015).


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