CareFusion tops for infection control

March 2, 2015 in Medical Technology

As the news and commentary on infection control – or lack thereof – swirls around the recent patient deaths at UCLA’s Ronald Regan Medical Center and Virginia Mason University Medical Center, after the patients were exposed to a superbug. CareFusion is calling attention to its recent success in infection control.

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The healthcare technology company, pointed out that its MedMined Surveillance Advisor finished first in a KLAS report for Infection Control and Monitoring.

This award marks the fifth year that MedMined Surveillance Advisor has been recognized as the leader for Infection Control and Monitoring by KLAS, an organization that independently monitors healthcare information technology performance through the active participation of thousands of health care organizations.

KLAS announced its 2014 ‘Best in KLAS’ winners on Jan. 29, 2015. The annual report includes leaders in a broad range of healthcare technologies.

The rankings for the top three in the infection control category were:

1. CareFusion MedMined – 88.4

2. Premier TheraDoc Infection Control Assistant- 82.9

3. Premier SafetySurveillor – Infection Control – 73.1

“We are honored that hospitals and infection control professionals have once again ranked MedMined Surveillance Advisor as the best technology for Infection Control and Monitoring,” said Bert Williams, vice president and general manager of MedMined Services for CareFusion. “Our proprietary technology and methodology not only help clinicians identify areas for improvement, but the infection data is tied to data from the hospital’s financial systems to show the true costs of every infection across the system.”

MedMined Surveillance Advisor provides automated infection surveillance proven to help hospitals identify and reduce healthcare-associated infections, or HAIs. The proprietary tool uses a proxy marker to identify potential HAIs, while algorithms automatically detect clinically meaningful patterns in complex data sets, similar to the data mining technology used by credit card companies to detect fraud.

By placing the right information in the right hands at the right time, the infection prevention team is empowered to efficiently focus resources on emerging trends in HAIs and multiple-drug resistant organisms, according to CareFusion. This refined approach to electronic surveillance allows for more time to be spent on clinical intervention and education.

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