California-Based Hospitals Experience EHR Failures in February

March 7, 2015 in News

Nurses at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, Calif., have asked the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to investigate an electronic health record system outage that occurred on Feb. 27, Clinical Innovation Technology reports.


During the outage, the hospital had to close its emergency department. In addition, the hospital experienced problems:

  • Dispensing medication;
  • Verifying physician orders;
  • Reviewing patient labs and other diagnostic procedures; and
  • Reviewing patient records (Walsh, Clinical Innovation Technology, 3/5).

In a release, Maria Altamirano, a member of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, noted that the hospital did not have a backup plan in place for such outages. The nurses contend that the outage put patients at risk (CNA release, 3/2).

EHR Outage at Rideout Health

Meanwhile, Rideout Health, a two-hospital system in Marysville, Calif., recently said that its EHR system went down for about a week in February, Healthcare IT News reports.


Rideout CEO Robert Chason said the EHR blackout occurred as the result of two HVAC units in an off-site data center failing.

Chason added that the hospital system’s medical care largely was unaffected while the EHR system was down. However, he said that physicians were unable to access some patient records during the outage and that some patients had to reschedule radiation treatments (McCann, Healthcare IT News, 3/3).

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