Meaningful Use Attestations Up Slightly as March 20 Deadline Nears

March 13, 2015 in News

The number of eligible professionals who attested to meaningful use requirements rose only slightly in February, according to CMS data, Bloomberg BNA‘s “Health Care Blog” reports (“Health Care Blog,” Bloomberg BNA, 3/11).


Under the 2009 economic stimulus package, providers who demonstrate meaningful use of certified electronic health records can qualify for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments.

Last month, CMS extended the deadline for eligible professionals to attest to the Medicare meaningful use 2014 reporting period from Feb. 28 until March 20 (iHealthBeat, 2/25).

Latest CMS Data

About 81,500 eligible professionals attested to meaningful use requirements in February, up from 67,254 in January. Overall, slightly more than 209,000 eligible professionals had attested to meeting the 2014 meaningful use requirements as of March 1. The figure is less than half of the 515,158 professionals who registered to participate, according to CMS data.

Eligible professionals who do not meet the March 20 deadline will face a 1% cut in Medicare reimbursements.

However, CMS officials do not seem worried about the approaching deadline, according to “Heath Care Blog.”  

Elisabeth Myers of CMS’ Office of eHealth Standards and Services said the agency expects to see an increase in attestations as the deadline approaches (“Health Care Blog,” Bloomberg BNA, 3/11).

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