UPMC, Universities Form Alliance To Leverage Health Data Analytics

March 17, 2015 in News

On Monday, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center announced that it has teamed up with two Pittsburgh-based universities to create a new alliance that aims to leverage data analytics to create new health care innovations, Health IT Analytics reports.

Alliance Details

The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance is a collaboration between:

  • Carnegie Mellon University;
  • The University of Pittsburgh; and
  • UPMC (Bresnick, Health IT Analytics, 3/16).

The initiative will be led by the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, which will work to develop products and services that use data analytics to improve disease prevention and care delivery (Dvorak, FierceHealthIT, 3/16).

The three organizations aim to turn Pittsburgh into an innovation hotbed by bringing together experts in:

  • Clinical care;
  • Commercialization;
  • Computer sciences; and
  • Machine learning.

The researchers will explore ways to improve personalized care and population health management and bring predictive data analytics to patients and providers by leveraging:

  • Claims data;
  • Electronic health record data;
  • Genomics;
  • Medical devices; and
  • Wearable sensors (Health IT Analytics, 3/16).

UPMC and existing grants will fund the universities’ efforts over the next six years. The research will initially be conducted at two centers:

  • The Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data at the University of Pittsburgh; and
  • The Center for Machine Learning and Health at Carnegie Mellon University.

According to FierceHealthIT, researchers from all three of the organizations will staff the centers.

In a release, Carnegie Melon University President Subra Suresh said that the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance will use “the complementary strengths of the alliance’s partner institutions … to re-imagine health care for millions of people in our shared, data-driven world.” She added that the alliance will further “accelerate the development of evidence-based medicine, and augment disease-centered models with patient-centered models of care” (FierceHealthIT, 3/16).

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