Group Unveils Online Map To Link Users With Cancer Research Efforts

March 27, 2015 in News

On Wednesday, a team of researchers unveiled a searchable online database, called the Global Cancer Project Map, that allows users to locate cancer experts and research projects by cancer type and country, the San Francisco Business Times reports.

Project Details

According to the Business Times, the not-for-profit group Global Oncology created the map with more than 2,500 hours of volunteer work and a $275,000 subcontract from the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Global Health. In addition, NCI provided data on cancer research efforts.

The map contains more than 800 cancer research projects taking place on six continents (Leuty, San Francisco Business Times, 3/25). For example, some of the projects include efforts to:

  • Create an early screening test for gastric cancer in Mexico;
  • Improve the diagnostic accuracy of mammograms for breast cancer in Turkey; and
  • Prevent skin cancer induced by arsenic in Bangladesh (Global Oncology release, 3/25).

According to the Business Times, individuals also will be able to use the map to contact principal investigators and program directors working on the various research projects. Ami Bhatt — co-founder of the project and an assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University — said individuals can use the map to help inform:

  • Charitable decisions;
  • Patients;
  • Policy decisions; and
  • Research.

Bhatt said that users later this year will be able to upload approved projects directly to the online map (San Francisco Business Times, 3/25).

Bhatt said, “The map now makes it possible to connect colleagues in the global cancer community with a maximum of six clicks of a computer mouse” (Richter, “Scope,” Stanford Medicine, 3/25).

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