Apple, IBM Launch Four Mobile Apps Designed for Nurses

April 4, 2015 in News

Apple and IBM have released four health care enterprise mobile applications designed to help nurses coordinate care and prioritize tasks, Health Data Management reports

Background on Partnership

In July 2014, Apple and IBM partnered to create IBM MobileFirst for iOS, an initiative to develop industry-specific apps, including health care.

The partnership integrates IBM’s big data and analytics services into Apple’s mobile platforms, according to Health Data Management.

So far, 22 of an expected 100 apps for 2015 have been released for various industries (Slabodkin, Health Data Management, 4/3).

App Details

According to Clinical Innovation Technology, the four apps are the first under the partnership to be designed for the health care industry (Walsh, Clinical Innovation Technology).

The apps are:

  • Home RN for iPhone, which recommends post-acute care plans and discharge instructions based on location and clinical notes, and helps coordinate care by taking and sharing photos, videos, text and voice notes;
  • Hospital Lead for iPad, which receives and updates information, such as patient requests, overdue tasks, new orders, safety alerts and delegated tasks to help “facilitate on-time discharges and improve patient experiences” through real-time task prioritization;
  • Hospital RN for iPhone, which uses Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth technology to display relevant patient data on an iPhone or other iOS device based on a clinician’s proximity to patient rooms; and
  • Hospital Tech for iPhone, which helps organize tasks by accessing prioritization data and patient logistics planning, as well as information on patients’ demographics, diagnoses, orders, care plans and lengths of stay (Health Data Management, 4/3).
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