AMA Details Ways To Improve, Expand Providers’ Use of Health IT

April 13, 2015 in News

The American Medical Association has announced a plan aimed at helping physicians implement changes for innovation and the adoption of new health IT, Health Data Management reports.

At the HIMSS15 Innovation Symposium on Sunday, AMA President Robert Wah said that medicine is entering the third phase of digitization, which will require physicians to take a greater role in driving the changes needed to advance technological innovations. In the third phase of digital health care, new digital data analytics tools can be used and applied to care efficiency and quality, Wah said.

According to Wah, the first phase involved the transition from paper to digital records, and the second phase involved networking and interoperability.

“In these rapidly changing times in health care, we will need agile technology to adapt and succeed,” Wah said. He added, “To harness these capabilities, physicians are leading new approaches for delivery and payment of medical services, and [are] challenging regulatory barriers holding back the promise of information technology in health care.”

According to Health Data Management, AMA has created what it calls “proactive reforms” in three key areas, designed to help physicians harness innovation and use it in their practices. The three areas are:

  • Applying lessons learned from today’s regulatory framework to unlock innovation and the adoption of new technologies;
  • Increasing the reach of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring technology to link patients to physicians; and
  • Transforming electronic health record technology into the patient-focused tool it was intended to be (Slabodkin, Health Data Management, 4/12).
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