DOD To Create Calif.-Based Digital Services Team Focused on IT, Data

April 28, 2015 in News

The Department of Defense has announced it will create a California-based digital services team to help develop private-sector partnerships for IT and data and to further the group’s work on transferring electronic health records to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Clinical Innovation Technology reports (Walsh, Clinical Innovation Technology, 4/27).

The announcement comes as DOD unveiled its new “Cyber Strategy,” which outlines how the department plans to work with private organizations.


According to NextGov, the Obama administration’s 2016 budget proposal included $105 million that was earmarked for efforts to create digital service teams across 25 departments and agencies, but the plan excluded DOD.

DOD Secretary Ash Carter said that while the agency was exempted from the administration’s plan, “it’s important that we at the Pentagon find new ways to help bring in new people with the talent and expertise we need, and who want to contribute to our mission as part of our force of the future, even if just for a time” (Ravindranath, NextGov, 4/24).

Details of Team

Carter said the team will be based in California’s Silicon Valley in an effort to build new private-sector partnerships (Clinical Innovation Technology, 4/27).

Carter said DOD is “looking at new ways to attract talent … so that together, we can create cyber capabilities that not only help DOD, but can also spin off into the wider U.S. marketplace” (Dvorak, FierceHealthIT, 4/27).

According to NextGov, the team will be modeled after the technology group recruited by the White House to handle issues with and other federal IT initiatives (NextGov, 4/24).

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