Compact To Expand Telehealth Nears Threshold for Enactment

May 18, 2015 in News

The Alabama Legislature has passed a bill (SB 125) to join the Federation of State Medical Boards’ interstate compact for physician licensure, mHealthNews reports (Wicklund, mHealthNews, 5/15).

Details of Compact

The FSMB compact aims to facilitate the licensing of doctors across state borders to expand telehealth.

In September 2014, FSMB issued model legislation to create the voluntary interstate compact.

Under the compact, states are expected to be able to share information on physicians’:

  • Credentials; and
  • Disciplinary history.

The compact will not have the authority to license physicians but could provide all of the necessary information to streamline the process (iHealthBeat, 3/24).

FSMB has said that once seven states join the compact, it would create an Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission containing two commissioners from each state. The commission would then have up to one year to create bylaws to govern the compact.

Alabama Joins Compact

Alabama is the seventh state to join the compact, after:

  • Idaho;
  • Montano;
  • South Dakota;
  • Utah;
  • West Virginia; and
  • Wyoming.

If the measure is signed into law by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R), the compact would reach the seven-state threshold to go into effect.

According to mHealthNews, 11 additional states have bills pending in their legislatures to join the compact (mHealthNews, 5/15).

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