Text Reminder Program Enrollees More Likely To Have Physical Exams

May 26, 2015 in News

Individuals enrolled in a program that used health-related mobile text message reminders were three times more likely to have an annual physical exam within 90 days, according to a recent analysis, MobiHealthNews reports.

Analysis Details

The analysis was based on national claims data from Amerigroup Washington. It included data on Amerigroup Washington members who also had TracFone Lifeline phones and had enrolled in Voxvia’s Connect4health texting program.

According to MobiHealthNews, more than 200,000 Amerigroup enrollees throughout 11 states are enrolled in Connect4health and 3,500 of those individuals are Amerigroup Washington members.

Connect4health Details

Voxvia’s Connect4health texting program sends personalized text messages to enrollees that remind them to schedule visits for:

  • Physical exams;
  • Preventive health screenings; and
  • Vaccinations.

In addition, the program connects enrollees to services and benefits that are provided through their Amerigroup memberships. Amerigroup began offering Connect4health to its members after Voxvia in July 2014 partnered with TracFone, a wireless phone company, to create the SafeLink Health Solutions program. The program provides Amerigroup beneficiaries with:

  • A cellphone;
  • Connect4health;
  • Monthly cellphone service; and
  • No-cost calls to the insurer.

Analysis Findings

Overall, the analysis found that individuals who received the Connect4health text reminders were three times more likely to have a physical exam within 90 days of receiving the reminder. Further, the analysis found that:

  • 71% of Amerigroup members who participated in the analysis said the Connect4health text messages helped them to remember doctor appointments;
  • 52% said the texts helped them to learn about benefits available to them through Amerigroup; and
  • 36% said they discussed some of the text messages’ topics with a physician or nurse.

In a statement, TracFone CEO F.J. Pollak said the findings “clearly sho[w] that when individuals have access to a phone with mobile health technology, it will lead to a stronger and healthier life” (Pai, MobiHealthNews, 5/21).

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