AMA Adopts Policies To Increase Transparency of Health Data, Prices

June 10, 2015 in News

At its annual meeting on Tuesday, the American Medical Association adopted several health IT-related policies, Becker’s Hospital Review reports.

Improved Transparency for Data and Prices

During the meeting, AMA adopted two policies that aim to bolster transparency of health care data and prices (Rappleye, Becker’s Hospital Review, 6/9).

The new policies aim to ensure clinicians and other relevant stakeholders have access to meaningful heath care data to:

  • Improve quality reporting;
  • Foster innovation; and
  • Support new delivery and payment models (Goedert, Health Data Management, 6/10).

In addition, the policies encourage providers to communicate cost information to their patients and call for health plans, public and private entities and other stakeholder groups to work together to increase price and quality transparency for patients and providers.

According to a release, one of the policies details a new set of AMA principles that will help facilitate ongoing transparency efforts, such as:

  • Creating user interfaces and analytics that enable providers to obtain and track reports with relevant information;
  • Developing physician-led quality measures to increase physician engagement;
  • Increasing access to current data to help inform patient decisions at the point of care; and
  • Removing barriers to data from payers and other health care settings (AMA release, 6/9).

mHealth App Guidelines

In addition, AMA during the meeting adopted a policy that would create best practice guidelines for mobile health applications related to:

  • Chronic disease management; and
  • Patient engagement (Becker’s Hospital Review, 6/9).

AMA pledged to work with other stakeholders to foster new technologies designed to improve patient engagement (Health Data Management, 6/10).

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