Analysis Taps Mobile App Data To Identify Most Active States

July 8, 2015 in News

California, Colorado and Washington have the most active residents in the country, according to an analysis of data compiled through fitness and workout tracking applications, Reuters reports.

Details of Analysis

For the analysis, researchers examined data collected through fitness and workout tracking mobile applications, such as MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. The data included activity information submitted by 65 million users in 2014.

Most of the data came from users ages 25 to 44. Roughly 65% of the users included in the study were women, while about 40% were men.

The analysis ranked states based on residents’:

  • Activity habits;
  • Diets; and
  • Sleep habits.


California, Colorado and Washington ranked highest for having the most active residents, according to the analysis. Meanwhile, the states with the least active residents were Delaware, North Dakota and South Carolina.

In addition, the analysis broke down which fitness activities were most popular among individual states. For example, the analysis found that:

  • Texas was the most popular state for running, which accounted for 47% of residents’ recorded workouts; and
  • Idaho was the most popular state for indoor and outdoor cycling, which together accounted for 19% of residents’ logged workouts.

According to the study, walking was the most common activity logged across all of the states, accounting for about 40% of residents’ recorded workouts in California, Oregon and Washington (Internicola, Reuters, 7/6).

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