Breaking patient registration bottlenecks

July 11, 2015 in Medical Technology

When a patient walks into NYU Langone Medical Center she can check in with the health system’s PatientSecure palm scanning ID technology, is handed a tablet and, using the Mobile eCapture System, can complete any forms not yet filled in or that need to be updated.

“There are a number of factors that must be considered,” NYU Langone CIO Nader Mherabi told Healthcare IT News sister site mHealth News for an article. “It is particularly important to determine how information will translate to the office workflow and be validated before inclusion in the patient’s medical record.”

To that end, NYU Langone recently launched a new registration platform. In addition to the palm scanning and eCapture tools, the hospital uses Samsung Galaxy Tab S slates, software from OnBase by Hyland and Computer SI, and patient forms include data residing in the Epic electronic health records system on the back-end.

Funded by a $5 million gift from AIG, the registration initiative has helped NYU Langone reduce paper consumption by approximately 200 sheets a day, shortened waiting room times, and eased the workload of clinicians – who no longer have to hassle with scanning documents, typing in data, or consulting both the paper and electronic record associated with a patient.

“It is all too easy to assume that we know exactly what the patient wants,” Mherabi said. “We may do a pretty good job of adopting the patient’s perspective, but sometimes things are missed. It is crucial to be able to recognize and correct misperceptions quickly.”

The project has been viewed by patients as “overwhelmingly positive,” Mherabi explained, and NYU Langone is accelerating roll-out across other departments and facilities.

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