Report: Health IT Holds Export Opportunities for U.S. Companies

July 22, 2015 in News

Health IT is an “attractive” opportunity for U.S. companies seeking to increase their global exports, according to a report by the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, Health Data Management reports (Slabodkin, Health Data Management, 7/21).

Details of Report

The report defined health IT as the “use of a suite of products and services designed to improve and coordinate patient care, address growing health costs and confront the long-term burden of disease through the use of technology.”

According to the report, countries of all economic and development statuses can “derive benefits” from health IT, making the sector a strong opportunity to increase U.S. exports (ITA report, July 2015).

Over the next three years, the top five markets for health IT exports are projected to be:

  • Finland;
  • Germany;
  • Japan;
  • Netherlands; and
  • Switzerland.

Health IT export opportunities among U.S. companies include:

  • Data-related products, such as storage and analytics services;
  • Health services, such as hospitals, treatment protocols or clinical trials;
  • Information and communications technology products, such as mobile phones and tablets;
  • Medical devices, such as those that store imaging data; and
  • Software, such as clinical decision software and electronic health records.

The report, which focused primarily on mobile health and telehealth subsectors, did not provide much detail on EHR export opportunities.

ITA noted, “Mobile health and telehealth are the focus of this report because they have gained an increasing foothold internationally and are predicted to grow substantially in market size and importance in the near future,” while EHRs “typically require more time to implement and demand resources often unavailable in less developed countries” (Health Data Management, 7/21).

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